About is a boutique women’s snow travel company offering all inclusive luxury tours of the world’s best Ski resorts.

We designed everything from the ground up starting with a logo and brand identity, followed by a sleek descriptive website and finally a range of stationary and printed promotional material.


Main Features

Branding & Identity

We developed a brand that represented the client in a clean sophisticated way. The simple use of angles clearly identifies the snow market.

Responsive Web Design

We developed a compact responsive website that evokes the sense of luxury that the tours offer. We included a number of dynamic animated elements which makes the site engaging yet sophisticated.

Social/Search Marketing

Once the website was up and running we went to market through a variety of Social channels targeting the specific demographic the tours are aimed for.

Stationary and Promotional Material

The corporate identity was then used throughout various stationary applications as well a number of printed promotional teasers used to direct potential customers to the website.

What they said

“You guys are super heroes, i can’t thank you enough. I love, love, love everything you have done for me. It is far better than i ever expected.”

Georgia Simms
Co-Founder Skied

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