The Arc


The Arc ski development program is the brain child of dual Olympian Jono Brauer. Jono came to Joyce Design to help bring his baby to life.

We got involved right from the start of the process to develop a brand identity and create an engaging digital experience that clearly represents program. The production of the brand’s website had two objectives; create a website experience to develop its online presence and to develop a seamless platform to register for the program.

Main Features

Branding & Identity

We produced a brand that boldly identified The Arc as a game changer. The result is a distinct identity and brand strategy that rightly distinguishes it from the rest.

Digital Development

A robust backend was developed to enable the administrator to add gifts and applicable quantities as well as control when certain prizes would become available in real time on a seperate device.

Video Production

We produced a short video that engages the viewer with the greatest impact. Various edits of the video was then deployed on the website and across Social Channels

Email Marketing

We also developed an Email marketing template and integrated it into their website. This will enable The Arc to easily keep in touch with their prospective and current clients.

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